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Soap Brows

Forget expensive brow gels, there’s a new way to tame and stick down those brows. It’s called SOAP, yes that’s right soap. The stuff you clean your body with, just a regular old bar of soap.

How does it work? As the soap dries onto the brow hairs it adheres to it’s sold consistency, locking everything in place. Simple wet a spoolie, rub it over the soap (Clear soap is recommended) and then run it through the brow in the desired direction. Wait 2 minutes for it to dry and fill in the rest as normal.


Hot New Beauty – Volume 1

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‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year,’ that’s right Christmas is just around the corner, so what a way to kick off Hot New Beauty. Treat yourself or a loved one with a must have product, a little luxury or what’s trending now.

  1. Clarisonci Mia Fit: Everyone should own a Clarisonic and now you can take yours everywhere. With this brand new ultra lightweight, waterproof and portable cleansing device. This cleaning brush is 6 times more effective than cleansing with hands. So rest assured you are removing every trace of dirt, sunscreen, makeup and impurities. Where to buy –
  2. Silk Pillow Case: Did you know that sleeping on a silk pillow case can reduce aging, keep hair looking amazing for longer and its hypoallergenic. Get your proper beauty sleep on 100% silk, a fabulous luxury gift idea. The best place to buy –
  3. Too Cool For School Egg Cream Sheet Mask: A hot new trend right now is sheet masks. There is one for every skin type and skin concern. Aging, dryness, Breakouts, dullness, you name it. And a current favorite is this one. Infused with egg white and yolk extracts, this exfoliating mask removes dead cells and nourishes skin. Leaving you with a deeply hydrated, illuminating youthful complexion. Get your glow on before an event during this holiday season. AU purchases –


Hot New Beauty

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There is a myriad of beauty products and brands launching everyday it’s overwhelming. The cosmetic and makeup industry has never boomed so much as now. Since the early twentieth century, the production of cosmetics has been controlled by a handful of multinational corporations. The global cosmetic industry is broken down into 6 main categories; skincare being the largest out of all. Accounting for 35.3% of the global market in 2014. The cosmetic industry is constantly developing and billions of dollars are being spent every year. How do we keep up with these amazing brands and products. ‘What do we love, cosmetics. When do we want it, now’

So I have done some research, Hot New Beauty is all about the new makeup and skincare products to the market and where to buy from. Newly launched brands. Trending now on YouTube. Just landed in Australia.  The iconic products, top sellers and more. So enjoy Volume 1 of Hot New Beauty.

For more cosmetic industry stats, head to


Swan Valley Wedding Open Day

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Choosing the perfect wedding venue is not an easy task. There is just so much to think about; will it cater for all my guests, whats the food like, is this within my budget, how far will we have to travel… and the list goes on. But for many couples there is one consideration that simply can’t be overlooked – finding a venue that will look amazing in the photographs, a venue that is going to feature  just as much as they do. We have social media to thank for that.

Well look no further Perth Bridesminions!  This weekend join me and many other vendors who will be showcased at Caversham House’s Wedding Open Day in the stunning Swan Valley. While you are there check out other local venues, wineries, and of course… the chocolate factories.

Come and say hi. I would love to introduce myself and see how I can help make your special day perfect. “Makeup is my art and making you look and feel your best is my passion”.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Colour Correcting

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For years, concealers have been a saving grace for many people struggling with problem areas on their face and body. Thanks to concealers we’re able to hide dark circles, pimples, pigmentation, birth marks, veins, tattoos and so much more.

Concealers and now primers come in many colours and for most of us, it’s the generic neutral tone we stay true too. But what about the green, purple, salmon, pink, orange etc. Each Shade plays a very big part in true colour correcting specific areas. Do you remember learning about the colour wheel in school. Have another look.

If you have dark purple or blue circles under your eyes, take a look at the wheel and the colour directly across from it can help cancel it out. It’s that simple, in this case its salmon or orange. So the key is first use a corrector before you conceal. My recommendation is Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfecter. For redness on the cheek or aggravated pimples try a green primer. My recommendation is Smash Box Photo Finish Color Corrector. If there’s a sallow dull look to your skin try a soft lavender primer with a hint of illumination. My favorite is Makeup Forever HD Primer. For some people it might be all of the above that needs correcting and adding so many products to your skin before foundation seems crazy. So my tried and true favorite that will tick all your boxes is Stila One Step Correct Primer. It has all the shades needed, lavender, pink and green swirled up in pure goodness.


For a more in-depth look at colour correcting check out the YouTube tutorial in my next post.




10 Eyeshadows I Can’t Live Without

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1. M.A.C Quarry: Matte finish, amazing socket shade and great for bridal

2. M.A.C Shadowy Lady: Matte finish, cool tone dark purple. Great paired with Quarry

3. M.A.C Embark: Matte finish: Intense reddish brown. Purfect for smokey eye

4. M.A.C Tan pigment: Rose gold shimmer, can be used wet or dry

5. Nars New York: Matte finish perfect for shading, creating depth and lining eyes. Brings out blue and green eye colours

6. Nars Bengali: Matte finish intense warm brown, great on all skin tones and eye colours

7 . Nars Portabello: Matte finish cool tone duo, unexpected colour combination. Partners perfectly with New York and Bengali. Ideal for daily use

8. Nars Mekong: The best black brown,  extremely intense smokey eye shade

9. Nars Kalahari: Highly pigmented gold and mauve duo. Amazing everyday combination for blue, green and hazel eye colours

10. Stila Kitten: High pigment shimmery cream colour, for base or highlighting

(picture features colour swatch from left to right)


Product Review

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The latest trend for lips has been long wear matte lipstick. With many brands launching their ranges like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila and Doce Of Colors but one of the most talked about is ColourPop. With 25 shades in total ranging from light beige to dark chocolate-brown.

I purchased 8 to see what I thought, my three favorites being, Clueless – soft dusty pink, perfect for bridal, Beeper – classic Kylie Jenner brown and Midi – pink nude. The price point is attractive at only $6 US online. This is half the price of the other brands with cheap shipping and fast delivery.

The promoted average wear is 6-10 hours and I totally agree. I wore mine from morning to mid afternoon, eating and drinking, and the colour was still visible. It had faded but didn’t wear off patchy or come off the inner rim of my lips.

If it’s the dark vampy lip you so desire, double up your coat as just one layer wasn’t enough. I wore Limbo and had to apply 2-3 layers to get the intensity I was looking for. The texture of these lipsticks are very watery so I recommended applying with a lip brush. Also, due to the consistency of the product they have been known to leak and pool over when closing the lid. I have not had this problem but good to note, don’t just dump it in your bag use a proper makeup case.

If you have dry lips like mine its best to use a lip balm underneath. This prevents that horrible tight chalk-like feeling you get once the lipstick has set. The balm keeps it comfortable without compromising the longevity and matte look. All in all these ‘kiss proof’ lipsticks are worth the money. Perfect for any special occasion.